We Compose Email Marketing Ads for your Business Then Send the Ads to Millions of Prospects in Your Niche


We Find Out The Type Of Customers You Are Looking For

We discover the type of customer that will match your website or business. We have lists of qualified prospects in hundreds of different niches and industries. This is a comprhensive list & our email don’t go to spam folders. We have been doing this for a long time so we know how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Getting the Niche right is so important in conecting and engaging your prospects and we are very good at this.


Our Professional Ad Writers Create Your Email Ad

Once we determine the type of list that will work best for your business our ad writers create an Email Ad for you. Its not just one Email Ad, we compose a sequence of 3 emails which represent Your Brand and offering. Each Email Ad is 150-250 words in plain text with a captivating Subject Line, concise and to the point.

We don’t put too much information in the written copy and we use outstanding email titles which have the highest open rate.


We Deliver Your Campaign To Qualified Prospects

Our list of prospects is over 20 million subscribers across hundreds of Categories, Geotargeted for the US market.

We guarantee to hit 3 million recipients in one month as part of your campaign. If you are satisfied we can spin your campaign into a new sequence of emails and roll it out again month by month. No Contacts. No Obligations.

Also we provide tracking so you know how many emails have been sent and received.

Turbo Boosting

Successful Email Marketing in Today’s Marketplace…

66% of online customers make purchases because of a marketing email. That’s an impressive conversion rate, but your customer’s email inbox is a noisy and competitive space.

What we do to engage your prospective customers::

Call to Action

Emails that get results require a single call-to-action. What are your customers getting? No customer wants long emails stuffed with irrelevant content. Focusing on a single outcome per email is a simple tactic that goes a long way in building ongoing trust and conversions.

Be true to your Brand
Whether you send a link to download, free shipping code, a simple ‘hello’ or just a witty one-liner, you need to show your customer a preview of the communication style that fits your brand and your offering.


Keep it Simple
Research suggests that high open rates are driven by simple, straightforward subject lines. And while that may sound boring, the majority of customers get so much spam in their inbox, the slightest suggestion of spam will be deleted immediately. The use spammy words like ‘FREE’ or ‘WIN’ will reduce the impact of your email and your email won’t make it past the spam filter.

Brand consistency is the key. Treating emails as a continuation of your brand’s story and leaving a strong impression in the customer’s mind, this consistently paves their way back to your site.

Timing is important. Sending an email about a dining package for two on a Monday morning? No. But send it at 4.45pm on a Thursday and you are spot on.


When you get it right, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sales and boost your customer engagement. It’s been around a long time, sometimes the best new channels aren’t new at all! The beauty of email is personalisation, sometimes just a small change can lead to significant improvement in conversion rates. And if 66% of prospective customers make a purchase because of email you are in good hands.

That’s where we come in!


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