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Mediaofficers Facebook management services can be customized based on the unique needs and budget of your business. We don’t adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to Facebook marketing and find that creating tailored solutions produces much better results. Whether you are a small business with limited resources or a large enterprise looking to scale, our Facebook advertising services can help you reach your goals. We’ve built a dedicated team of marketing professionals who have the expertise and technical knowledge to make your campaigns a success.

How Mediaofficers do it :

·         Initial Planning & Set Up – we take care of strategic planning, demographic analysis, the creation of your Facebook advertiser account, and tracking pixel installation.

·         Campaign Development – our Facebook ad agency services include writing ad copy and designing graphics to maximize click-throughs and conversions.

·         Optimization – we handle all the technical elements needed to optimize your ads and minimize click costs through A/B testing.

·         Auditing – we’ll review any existing Facebook ad campaigns and suggest improvements based on the latest best-practice and research findings.

·         On-Going Evaluation – as part of our ongoing management we’ll analyze campaign performance and recommend changes to improve it (such as tweaking ad copy or targeting additional audiences).